GOLDS February Meeting Review

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 11:12 AM

The first meeting of GOLDS incorporating the Ladies Forum for 2019 was held last Tuesday night in the Leederville Sports Bar & Function’s Centre with a strong turnout of GOLDS members.


Guest speaker for the first GOLDS meeting of the year was Subiaco Football Club President Mark Lawrence who updated the club on both the on and off field progress of the club, highlighted by the announcement of Holman as new Principal Partner.


Another key decision following this first meeting of the year, was the acceptance of the Ladies Forum into the GOLDS framework.


This is the continuation of a number of years of the two groups working to be more closely aligned to improve outcomes for both groups and players of the football club.


As part of the first meeting of the year, the previous year’s activity was highlighted, including the positive role that the Coterie Group has played with their dinner meetings, guest speakers and player guests throughout 2018.


The group continues to support players efforts with assistance with gym equipment as well as monthly and yearly player awards as voted by members.


GOLDS will continue to have new players to the club in attendance as invitees, giving GOLDS members an opportunity to hear more about new players to the club.


The AGM was incorporated as part of this first meeting and confirmed the following appointments:


President – Ross Lockhart

Vice President – Angelo Porcaro

Secretary – Brian Becker

Treasurer – Kevin Jones

Committee – Mick Bailey, Jeff Lind, Rob Nylander, Ron Tester, Fritz Vanirsen


The GOLDS objectives remain to financially support player amenities, provision of player awards and promote monthly dinners on the first Tuesday of each month.

These monthly dinners embrace the comradery of supporting the Subiaco Football Club with guest speakers from both within the club and external to the club from a range of fields in both in sport and outside.


The dinners continue to compliment fellowship and provide a varied popular menu.


To join GOLDS please contact President Ross Lockhart on 0407 907 489 or via email at